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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moving ... in more then one way

Ok. I've made up my mind. I will NOT be posting here anymore. I'm just not happy with the whole Blogger thing. I can't do a lot with the display of my blog because I am clueless when it comes to CSS and HTML. I have no time to sit down and really learn either.

Instead, you can now find my knitting blog HERE.

I'll still be keeping this account, so that I can comment at John's blog, but that's about it.

And being that I think my SP is the only one who reads this ... I hope that vacation was good and that you're having a good summer! I move next weekend !!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Swap - Bot mania

So I've gotten into this website that my SP coordinator is part of. There are all kinds of crafty swaps and fun stuff to participate in. I've done a CD swap and a pen pal swap ... it's really neat and is a great way to meet new people. There are also a few great knitting swaps!


And speaking of that .... I started my own swap.

It's called Chopsticks Galore!

Swap-bot swap: Chopsticks Galore
I swap with Swap-bot!

OH YES ... I also got a postcard in the mail the other day from my SP!!!! She went to a sheep and wool show in Colorado. It was sweet of her to think of me and send the quick note, and I really enjoy getting postcards too!!!!! She felt the need to tease me about the next package she's sending too! Evil ... but with style. I'd do the same thing if it was me. LOL

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lace !!!!

My first real attempt with lace has turned out so well! I made a scarve for a friend's b-day, using Cascade Indulgence. The pattern is simple ; knit 5 rows, k1 *k 2 tog, yo* repeat until last stitch, k1. It turned out so nice. Right now it's blocking in the kitchen.

Photo goodness!!!!!

And here, it's shown to size beside an baking spoon. The whole thing is about 5 spoon lengths! :-)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Second SP gift

Horay! I got my second gift from my SP spoiler yesterday! It included a ball of her own hand-spun/hand-dyed yarns!!! It's pink and white colors ... which I just LOVE! Then there was a knitted yarn holder that she made herself, again from her own yarns ... it's really cool. You just slip in through a center pull ball and put the loop end around you wrist. Perfect for when I'm knitting in line !!!! There was also a nice hand written note, which is so sweet and thoughtful!

I would post pics ... but my camera has an attitude at the moment and it's being stubborn. But I love my gifts !!! Thanks SP!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update and .... SOCKS!!!!

I'm doing my best to post often, but I fear that I'm not as good as I should be.

TO MY SP SPOILER .... I know that SP is about getting to know other knitters, so, and I'm sure I've said this before, please check out my LJ page. That's where all the real dirt is. I just hate posting and re-posting in all of my blogs, so I'll include the link to my LJ, and I hope that will help ya!

LJ Goodness

And now ... onto the good stuff! I finished a couple socks. Not in the same pair, but for my first two - they look great!!!

So this is my second sock. I have the crappiest camera! But still ... I think it turned out well. It's big on me, but that's ok - gonna gift the pair to my mom for her anniversary. It's Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Socks That Rock" in Apple Valley Road. This is the BEST sport weight yarn I've ever worked with!!!!

This is my FIRST sock. It's on some DiGrossa ( I think that's right) yarn that Jaya had gotten me a while back! I'm very proud of it, and I will make a companion as soon as I finish the pair for my mom.

NOW everyone wants socks for Christmas! Craziness ... good, but crazy!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Still here ....

Hello knitting world! I wanted to stop by and say hello, if only for my Secret Pal's sake. I've been busy with knitting and visiting Virginia. I missed someone very much and just had to get my ass down south to see him. And now ..... I have a WONDERFUL AMAZING boyfriend. His name is John and he's so sweet. And the wild thing ... I've known him since high school. We even dated for a while in high school. Actually, we realized that we went to middle school together too, but we didn't really start to hang out until my sophmore year. It's been an amazing second chance; to find him again and now be in a relationship with him ..... it's just perfect.

So as far as knitting goes, I've finished my first sock! I'll have to wait until I get back to NY to post pics, but it looks great. I'm proud of myself, it being my FIRST sock and all. I'm also working on a basic garter stitch wrap in black/purple mohair, a scarve for a friend's birthday, and planning .... much planning .... gotta start my Christmas knitting!

So, alas, I'm still here. Not that anyone reads this ... well, my SP, but most of the good dirt on me is at my Live Journal site. :-)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Look what I got - SP8 goodies!!!

So I go to get the mail today ... and there it is! A package from my SP!!

Now, I have a older digital camera, so let me describe the contents.
- A very sweet card with lots of well wishes!
- A bar of natural Lavender Oatmeal soap!
- Chocolate!!! The "Texas Chocolate Bar"
- A beautiful pair of chopsticks to add to my collection!

Thank you, thank you, Secret Pal!!!!! I love my goodies!